Half Moon mixes elements of rock and funk music with a bit of soul rooted in their Blue Ridge Mountains upbringing. The band has been packing venues with their ambitious "half" shows in which they perform one set of their own original material followed by a showcase set from a famous artist's catalogue, ambitiously tackling the likes of Talking Heads, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and The Beatles.  The process of studying another band's musical style has greatly expanded Half Moon's creativity and chemistry, while increasing their repertoire exponentially. The band is capable of playing up to a 90 minute set of original music or multiple longer sets by including a wide range of cover song material.

"Half Moon brings a ton of passion and energy to every show and are true professionals. They are way ahead of the curve when it comes to reinventing their set lists and making each show a unique and unforgettable experience. The band is a venue owner's dream when it comes to promotional efforts, they pull out all the stops to make every show matter! I am proud to have worked with them for the last 13 plus years and look forward to a bright future with Half Moon!"
- Jason Martin, Martin's Downtown
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Half Moon released their debut album 'Sure Ain't Easy' on December 23, 2017. The album is the culmination of more than a decade of music-making for the core members of the band, and demonstrates a diverse musical palate backed by creative, expressive players. You can listen to their first single 'He Will' below.

From the opening horn lines you'll be hooked on 'He Will', a soulful song that wears its heart on its sleeve, evoking an Otis Redding vibe with grandiose horn melodies and sentimental lyrics. But lying underneath is a commentary on shared commitment and the struggles of making a relationship work. The bouncy, uplifting music belies the picture painted of a man's mistakes and attempts to be "half wrong", but the common thread throughout the song is the title's refrain that through it all, "He will love you."

For booking and press inquires, please contact: h.moonband@gmail.com

Half Moon and friends performing The Beatles' song 'Lady Madonna' live at Martin's Downtown at the 10th Annual Xmas Jam on 12/23/17.

Half Moon performing their original song 'Radio's Polluted' live at Martin's Downtown at the 10th Annual Xmas Jam on 12/23/17.